We are here to elevate delivery food.
By selecting the most beloved recipes from global food hotspots.
By creating memorable flavors, styles and textures.
By developing meals that are perfectly fit for delivery.


We work with acclaimed international Chefs to develop innovative brands, based on local trends, which are made for delivery.

TastyUrban's very first brand - created by our award winning US Executive Chef. Birdie Birdie, an American Fried Chicken & Sandwich concept, contains all the classics - from Chicken Tenders and Wings, to Sweet Pepper Poppers, and more.

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Brought to you from the Mexican State of Jalisco, Birria Tacos consist of deliciously soft braised meats or veggies, pan fried in corn tortillas, dipped in a tasty stew.

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With Us

Your benefits

Our concepts are designed to fit seamlessly into our partner restaurant kitchens, and can easily be prepared with your pre-existing equipment.

Incremental revenue

Set-up a new sales channel and earn up to €20,000 in extra revenue per month.

Brands & concepts

Access to our exclusive brands, developed by top international chefs and optimized for delivery.

Supply chain

Access to our suppliers, products, and pre-negotiated rates and supply chain.

Marketing & PR

Creative campaigns and budgets to increase sales and drive orders.

Tech suite

Forecasting, inventory management, sales performance and other tech and data insights to manage your operations.

What you need to
become a partner

Your own kitchen

Our Brands are designed to fit seamlessly into your own existing operations.

Kitchen staff

We train and support your kitchen staff - our concepts are designed to be easily assembled by your current team.

Pre-existing equipment

All our concepts can be prepared using your available kitchen equipment - no need to purchase anything else.

How the partnership works


We develop the menus, train your staff, and provide 24/7 support.

Our Supplier

Order ingredients and packaging directly through our platform. We handle payments and logistics - directly to your restaurant.

Restaurant partner

A new brand set-up under your current address.

Order & Delivery

Orders received and delivered by Wolt, UberEats, etc. or your own drivers.

Partner with us

If you would like to know more,
or are interested in becoming a TastyUrban Partner

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